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Our company’s focus, for more than 45 years, has been to design and build premium products for the industries that we serve.

The Allor-Plesh team's goal is to bring added value to all of our products through increased performance capacity, longer life, or just a simple modification to improve the maintenance efficiency of the equipment. Over the years we have come across new customers who are skeptical with regard to our increased performance claims. In order to win their confidence, we have offered to supply the products with a “Pay when You Are 100% Satisfied” guarantee. We have yet to not get paid in full.

If you have a conveyor, leveler, or custom bearing/wheel application for which you are looking for improved performance and/or increased productivity, Allor-Plesh is ready for the challenge.

 We greatly appreciate your business!
— Tony Allor

Proud Member of The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce

Leveling Equipment

  • New Levelers
  • Leveling Machine Reconditioning
  • Leveling Machine Application
  • Leveler Spare Parts

Allor-Plesh has an excellent reputation in the steel mill industry for our leveling equipment, especially with our innovative problem solving leveler upgrades and customized solutions for all leveling applications. Allor-Plesh offers more than 20 years of experience providing leveler spare parts, leveling equipment, and leveling machine customization for the steel and aluminum industries.

Leveling Machine Reconditioning

Our unmatched engineering capabilities for leveling machine customization allows our customers to keep their production moving with leveling equipment and technology that reduce costly downtime, as well as with leveler parts that significantly lower lifetime costs.

  • Redesign cassettes for improved strip quality.
  • Upgrade components for service life and loads.
  • Cassette machining.
  • Complete retrofit of existing levelers.
  • Engineering analysis and machine calibration services.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Onsite training available.

For an industry partner specializing in leveler parts and leveling equipment solutions that withstand extremes, trust the experience of Allor-Plesh.

Leveling Machine Application

  • Pickling Line – Tension Levelers and Scale Breakers
  • Galvanizing Lines – Tension Levelers
  • Tinning Lines – Tension Levelers
  • Cut to Length Lines – Straightener and Precision Levelers
  • Coating Lines – Tension Levelers
  • Hot and Cold Plate Levelers – Heat Treat Levelers

Leveler Spare Parts

Parts and products we supply are proprietary and precision

  • Work Rolls
  • Back Up Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings

We can supply direct interchange components to most Leveler manufacturers and OEM equipment.

Leveler parts and components from Allor-Plesh will help you improve efficiency and reduce down time. Our leveler parts are custom built and ready for installation; we recondition rolls, backup bearings, cassettes, and complete levelers. Your cassettes are rebuilt or made new with very tight tolerances and quality control standards to lower your maintenance costs and reduce production slowdowns. Leveler work rolls and backup bearings, as well as all our products, meet the highest standards for material, finish, and tolerance.

Backup bearing components are engineered with proven technology, bringing your leveler the highest performance life available on the market. At Allor-Plesh, we specialize in backup bearing rebuilds and bearing regrinding. All our bearing components are sealed for life and are heat-treated using bearing-quality steel. Leveler thrust bearings are examples of our commitment to superior bearing engineering and to our commitment to your industry. Our long-life components translate to lower maintenance costs and optimal productivity.

For an industry partner specializing in leveler parts and leveling equipment solutions that withstand extremes, trust the experience of Allor-Plesh.

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Allor-Plesh leveler spare parts and leveling experience in the market place allow us to engineer parts that lower your costly maintenance and downtime. We can also offer leveler consultation and help you optimize the performance of equipment. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.


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